Start taking advantage of KMA to accelerate Your Playing, boost your creativity, Improvise like crazy & play like the pros!

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Welcome to Keyboard Music Academy

You’re probably here because you are looking to take your keyboard and piano skills to the next level. You came to the right place at the right time.

You are about to discover how playing piano by ear will supercharge your ear, take your playing to the next level and give you all the creative freedom to improvise, embellish your songs, and incorporate all the creative elements of contemporary music into your playing

Many consider me one of the top music instructors for contemporary music education, and pay me top dollar just to get an hour of my time to share my secrets. Make sure to watch my brand new video above until the end and learn the step-by-step process of how to finally learn to play piano by ear (the right way) create an endless vocabulary of fresh musical ideas, dominate the piano and play like the pros.

Your Piano And Keyboard Chops Will Soar Through The Roof If You Learn To Play Piano By Ear.

Playing piano by ear is not just about learning major and minor triad along with the 1,4,5 chord progression. Contemporary music has over 525 unique chords that create the sound you want. I’m going to show you how to effectively hear and play the most popular chords and progressions used in modern music simple and easy without years of traditional boring lessons that never get results.

This is not just your average online music curriculum. “Look at my stats” over 7000 students around the world are now highly successful at playing piano by ear. Basically I’m going to walk you through my simple method use by professional musician every day.

Piano student who take traditional lesson are 84% less likely to play piano by ear.

Additionally - I will show you the secrets to listening to any song (or singer) and instantly play it by ear with 100% accuracy. This is one of the things that most musicians today get wrong. And believe me, the right music educator and a laser targeted instructional method will mean a huge difference in your results using Keyboard Music Academy to learn piano by ear.

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Sitting at the piano and never running out of fresh creative ideals when you
play is now simple as One... Two... Three
with Keyboard Music Academy

You don’t need to be a musical prodigy or be born with perfect pitch, or take years of traditional piano lessons to get amazing results with Keyboard Music Academy. You will discover our simple, 4-step method for creating an endless vocabulary of fresh musical ideals everytime you sit at the piano.

When you see these simple, yet powerful, techniques you’ll wonder why everyone isn’t learning piano by ear.

Keyboard Music Academy is the leading online website
for contemporary keyboard studies. REAL MUSIC EDUCATORS
comprehensive music theory, ear training, video lesson
tutorials. All in one convienent location

Keyboard Harmony 101


Jump right in and begin learning the foundation for success. This includes the elements of pop, gospel R&B, Jazz, CCM and neosoul. Successfully supercharge your ear and generate an endless vocabulary of fresh musical ideas.

  • Discover whey 9 out of 10 musicians fail when attempting piano play by ear
  • Learn the secret sauce of effective listening and picking up a singer right on the spot.
  • Uncover the power of the bass line and how diatonic chords will transform your playing from dull to amazingly brilliant

Developing Your Vocabulary


Once you learn the element of contemporary music, you’ll be able to see rapid result in you playing, and heads will turn every time you sit at the piano

  • Quickly and Easily Learn the Four critical secrets to learning and transcribing any song by ear
  • Develop your ability to take a simple song or a lead sheet and make it a masterpiece
  • Uncover how to Easily create the sound you’re always dreamed of with the power of piano by ear

Creating The Killer Sound


Once you have a laser-sharp strategy in place, creating the perfect sound will be a piece of cake! However, there are certain essential ingredients needed if you want to see a rapid increase in your playing

  • Discover two main secrets to developing and creating unlimited runs, licks & fills
  • Learn the essential ingredients you must include in all your songs to sound like the pros
  • Take my simple step-by-step approach to playing by ear that thousands had benefited from

The Musicians Toolbox


Every seasoned real-world musician all have one thing in common. They’ve spent years learning the elements of contemporary music. The musicians toolbox is designed to cover all the bases for getting your playing maximize and playing like the pros the RIGHT away!

  • Discover the Secrets to Transcribing at lighting speed
  • Crack the Code to hearing any song and instantly Play It By Ear
  • Get access to my 4-Step method for hearing any chord by ear with 100% accuracy

Creative Elements


Once you’ve mastered the keyboard essentials, and heads are turning every time you play, it’s time to add the secret sauce to your gumbo, push your playing to a no-limit status, and perform all the steps necessary to perpetuate your skills to effortless mastery!

  • Discover exactly what to do AFTER you’re balling to experience total freedom and control
  • Follow my Tested & Proven process guide for playing out of the box with no effort
  • Uncover the advanced and non-conventional strategies I’ve been using for years that have changed the lives of over 7000 musicians, singers and song writers.

Bonus #1

Anyone Can Play Piano By Ear - Learn how

This Video Bonus system will show you how professional musicians can take one simple chord progression and literally play hundred’s of songs and you want believe how simple yet powerful this technique can be

  • Learn Secrets That The Pros Know But Refuse to Share
  • The Musicians Secret Weapon
  • This is why seasoned musicians
    can memorize a ton of Songs
  • And Much, Much, more!

Bonus #2

Play Along Track Library

Are you rhythmically challenge? Do you struggle keeping time and locking in the groove? No problem! You can take full advantage of our play along library including....

  • Click Tracks
  • Multiple Tempos & Meters
  • Full Rhythm Accompaniment
  • And Much, Much, more!

Bonus #3

Lesson Worksheets & Charts

The perfect companion for your practice. Worksheets and charts are available for many of our video lessons tutorials for additional understanding and retention. With the added aid of the finger placement keyboard diagram. you don’t have to know how to read music because the chords are displayed on a graphic keyboard image. for simplicity. You get the following and more..

  • Diatonic Chord Chart
  • 2-5-1 Progressions in All 12 Keys
  • Finger placement Keyboard Diagram
  • And Much, Much, more!

Bonus #4

Transposition Guide

Forget all the complicated theory and Fluff! This simple to follow table will show you how to simply and easily transpose and note, chord or progression to any key in seconds.

  • All Major Scales & Scale tone numbers
  • The Transpose Artist Best Friend
  • Transpose Chords for Key to key
  • And Much, Much, more!

Bonus #5

Transcribing For Beginners

A 4 part part step by step approach to learning songs for any audio track, CD, or your smart phone. You will learn all the essential tools needed to listen any song or tune and hear the chord changes and progressions. This beginners approach will allow you to:

  • How To hear and find the key
    - just by listening -
  • Hearing The Bass Line
    - the power to playing by ear -
  • Using The Major Scale
    - the chord number system -
  • Using Diatonic Chords
    - the secrets the pros refuse to share -

Bonus #6

Music Theory Chord Names & Symbols

A music professor said once you understand the science of music then the creative genius will emerge. Playing fancy chords is one thing but if you want to move to the next level understanding chord formulas and theory is critical it you want to learn..

  • How To Name The Chord You’re Playing
  • Chord Symbols and Notation
  • Triads 7th chords & Extensions
  • And Much, Much, more!